Today I am tooting my own horn. When I first spawned the idea for a retirement project it was a pipe dream. During my research about blogging it suggested having a dozen story ideas ready and to be flexible on the theme. Then I took a website class to build my own site. This was fun and gave me a great satisfaction that my aging brain was still sharp. Hopefully, it’s also inspired others to try something new.

Something else the research told me was that my “theme” could morph into another direction. And Wow did it, but all relating to hope and strong women, my blogs theme. The first six plus months provided dozens of “Oz” facts and comparisons. Then came Star Wars, the death of Carrie Fisher and our political unrest. The timing was perfect to get a few months under my belt before the real purpose for my blog emerged and more inspirations than I could have ever imagined came forth. Facts are stranger than fiction.

So, my blog today is a celebration of my fortitude and determination. All I really want to accomplish is to give hope and to inspire others through my words and actions. It is every one of you who reads, shares and comments on my stories that I want to give a huge shout out of thanks. Besides my Facebook feeds, my website has continued to draw new subscribers and dozens of daily comments. It does my heart good hearing from random folks who took the time to respond. Positive re-enforcement is keeping my heart flame burning. And current events are providing the inspirations and fuel.



I am ending today’s post with a poem.
In gratitude, thanks to all who share this journey with me
Namaste ~ 




Roadmap of My Life

 The lines across my face are the roadmap of my life

Look closely and you’ll see its many paths

Deep rutted laugh lines, signs of joys and pleasures

The brow reveals pain and sorrow, the bridge it’s many frustrations

Ah, but the eyes, twinkling still, full of life and longing,

Eager for unknown discoveries, yet a youthful glean,

Ageless and serene


104 Stories later, Oz Year Two

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