Happy birthday to me! It used to be magical as a kid, but as an adult the glitter faded long ago. Maybe this is why I always tried to make it special for my son. He too has moved on in his way by spending his birthday doing what he loves most, being in woods, on the mountain, near the ocean and playing his guitar, a gift to me. Nature is his happy place too.

Now it’s just a holiday, maybe a movie, maybe a “special meal.” But what it IS, is a day to reflect on a new year and new possibilities and to leave the past behind. Our intensions set the stage, whether a daily habit or a deeper cause. Just do it. WE have the tools to make a difference in the world.

2022…..the number 22 has a holy significance, as does 11, my prayer time. Angel number 22 urges you to take your spiritual knowledge out into the world for the benefit of all humanity; it brings in the “divine feminine,” a changing of the old guard, a crumbling matrix, transformation out of fear based and instead into heart based. Our young leader’s vibrational energy is “I am Presence.” We are the light guiding them.

New Year, new path, new inspirations. Wishing you a year of great celebration and commitment.

Be the Light!  

Align With Your Mission
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