Peter Anthony, author of Key Master
An Oz epiphany

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter last summer when he came to share his story. His book, Key Master, was a delight to read. Towards the end, when reviewing his lessons, he has an epiphany, shared below, where he uses the Wizard of Oz as his analogy for understanding. Again, Oz, whether you acknowledge it or not, has affected your life in one way or another. Peter’s entire story is delightful!


Enjoy! And let me know your thoughts!


Suddenly an epiphany takes hold. I realize that, like [when in] St. Thomas, this trip has become a turning point in my life. I am living through one of the all-time greatest American films, with four of the main characters put to a contemporary setting. No other movie in our history has had a bigger effect on young and old people alike; moving every generation with its heart-tugging story, The Wizard of Oz. Meeting Nora was the first encounter at the crossroads of my life. Just like the Scarecrow’s character, Nora’s wisdom will keep us safe as we travel down the yellow-brick road of life. TJ’s big heart qualifies him to be the Tin Man, leading us back to ourselves when it is time for our tune-up. Lindsey’s greatest role is not one from her glamorous career; it’s the role of Dorothy. “There’s no place like home” will become her motto, or will “Surrender Dorothy” become her epitaph? And last but not least, courage underscores my role as the Lion.

The Indian and his Hawk
spirit-walker red-tail-hawk

My days lay before me in this odd road map with cryptic codes, locations, and names that will surely make appearances in my life, leading me to places I dare not go alone. Raziel made sure I understood every word, every passage, and every clue so that when trouble came, my foundation was built on solid ground. No one could be better suited to play the Wizard than the Indian man. His gift to each one of us is our destiny, painted on yellow sandstone. We are off to a place called OZ, also known as, The City of Angels, which many in our television industry also refer to as Sodom and Gomorrah. Our task at hand is to find the Wicked Witch of the West and bring back her heart and not her hat. Raziel should have warned us. But if he did, I would not come to know the guardians of the city of Los Angeles that will change my life forever.

la-city-hall walk-of-fame

City of Angels direction signs, gold stars of Hollywood Walk of Fame
and Into the Universe


An Oz Epiphany
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