Brave Ukrainian People

Today my heart tells me to focus on the women and children fleeing their homes in Ukraine. One news report spoke with a mother who said they keep smiles and laughter on their lips. She said her child asked how she can laugh, and smile and she said it was a concerted effort by all mothers to keep their children hopeful and to lessen their fears.

A Smile. Think about it. A smile while sirens blare and smoke fill’s the skies. A smile as you run to your safe space and duck for cover. A smile as your children’s eyes flashes their concerns. THIS IS Bravery. It breaks my heart that evil forces target those who cannot defend themselves. But hope comes in the form of an entire world who condemns the actions of the aggressor.

And the fathers, who are conscripted to stay behind and fight, watching them put on a brave face as they watch their children behind train windows pull away. It breaks my heart. There are thousands of men and women around the world who are joining them. Keep the candles burning with your prayers sent.

Some of the good news coming out of the aggression is Elon Musk has activated his Star Link satellites over Ukraine to help them keep communications open. Convoys of trucks are arriving at the refugee centers and onto the front lines with supplies of all kinds. And protesters are showing up even when faced with imprisonment.

Greed is at the center of this! Ukraine is rich in minerals. Pray for those on both sides.

Brave Ukrainian People
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