As we put 2021 behind us, let us spread the love, peace and joy we are all seeking. It’s really what is truly important.

Let’s take this last week of the year and re-prioritize what we seek. My wish for the new year is to find our passions, to spread it and to thrive in new and exciting ways. Be the light, be the hope, be the faith, stay authentic and show the world what you have to offer it. We are so much more than we even realize. Let Your light burn bright. It is a gift to yourself when it warms within.

From a friend who does just that by sharing his art and music. David Poleski, thanks for your irreverent humor that always bring a smile. You can find his artwork on Facebook, including his take on the 12 days of Christmas. Brought to you by his Church of the Divine Puttering and the Cosmic Fez Studios’.







Merry Christmas and happy new year from rainy…snowy Seattle.

Christmas Season 2021
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