Wow! When doing research on women who are making a difference, I do not have far to look. They are everywhere. They are in every corner of the globe. They walk softly and carry a big stick. They are in front of you, behind you, beside you. Who do you see? Hopefully your own self. We are them, they are us.

In this series of Ted Talks, you may want to peruse them over time. There is much to digest, as they all have such powerful journeys to share. You will resonate to some of their stories more than others, but I bet you all have a person or two in mind that need to hear what you are listening to. Sharing the inspirations these women found and how they are using them to spread the word of empowerment is why I include them into my blog.
Hope and strong women is my mission. Each one of us has something to add.

Dame Stephanie Shirley, AKA Steve, talks about breaking gender barriers. But every one of these women have risen against all odds to succeed with a passion and heart-felt drive to make the world a better place for all. When looking at “perceptions and assumptions,” I am glad the discussions are putting to rest many of them that have become askew. Here’s a big one! When men disagree and argue they are merely showing strength and assertiveness. When women do this they are perceived as “bitches, backstabbers,” and in years’ past, “uppity or disagreeable.” This reflects back to my post on “sad and mad,” a few weeks back. Why? Because men think they rule the world.

Well ladies, “time’s up” and it is our turn to right the wrongs. It’s our turn to build us All up with compassionate acts for humanity. 40 years ago the “feminist movement” had many men pushing back with unkind words and actions, just as they did when women marched for the right to vote. Difference is girls, young and old, now know their truths and not what has been dictated to them through the societies in which they reside.


Let us now spring forward and let our voices be heard. Be loud and proud. Together We will change the world. It’s our time. Aquarius and the feminine is rising.

Dame Stephanie Shirley, AKA Steve

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