Distractions are a necessary part of the holiday seasons, especially in an election year. I relish these movies of hope, of faith, of family from Hallmark. I also love the diversity of the places and communities featured. Reflections seem to come with the stories being shared. Another reason I like watching them is to keep the hope alive inside me. Inspiration finds me wherever it takes me, like the movies. And at this time of year, I need lots of it and Hallmark serves it up in spades.

Blessed is the Season
which engages the whole world
in a conspiracy of love

This quote is why it is a magical time of the year. As life seems to speed up, the darkened nights and snowy skies slow us down. As we approach the solstice, we find balance returning. And if the stars align, we plan for what we hope begins a new journey. My magic wand is pointing to a bucket list trip next summer.

Another favorite series I watch is Hallmark’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” Their theme is hope and faith like “trust the timing.” Each of the four main characters have something unique to add to the theme. Whenever we step out in faith we find solid ground. This is the journey the team of “postables” take us on and give us hope. And at Christmas time it comes in handy, therefore I tune in again for heartfelt sentiments.

May these next few weeks bring you the joys you seek. The holidays are for reflection and to reset. Solid ground, faith and hope.

December 2022 Hallmark Christmas Movies
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