Deirdre’s Oz story

In Jan. of 2011 the Biography Channel aired a portion of Deirdre’s story on premiere of a new series entitled: “I Survived Beyond and Back”. Deirdre will be sharing her story on Saturday, July 9th, 2016, at Seattle IANDS monthly meeting;  

In her book, “While I was Out,” Deirdre DeWitt-Maltby writes the words of Dorothy, “We don’t have to look any further than our own backyards to find our hearts desires (That is the key!).” These words are what helped Deirdre overcome her NDE after-effects. She learned the “spiritual realm” is here, within our hearts, for each and every soul.
“While I was Out”; If someone had told me several years ago how much my inner life was going to transform I never would have believed them, yet now I cannot imagine my life any other way.  I knew from the moment I returned into myself and awoke from my coma that something was so “different” about life, and of course that something was my relationship with my Creator.

If I ever go looking for my own heart’s desire again, I won’t go any further than my own backyard.

—Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

No place like home

I do believe we are given the “words” or images in dreams and visions as we need them, when lessons are revealed. The Oz story, like many stories, legends and lore of history, seems to help us navigate the world we live in.
What lessons of Oz were impressed on you?

Deirdre’s Oz Story
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