Nyad is a Netflix movie about never giving up or letting age stand in the way of a dream.
It stars Annette Bening as Diana and Jodie Foster as her “champion” who helped her see it through. I enjoyed knowing more of her story and all the obstacles she faced. There was more than you’d ever know. It took a village. Annette is up for an academy award for her work. She was great in capturing the turmoil inside and out of Diana’s life.

NYAD | Official Trailer | Netflix (youtube.com)


Follow the inspiring journey of accomplished marathon swimmer Melissa Kegler, whose technical obesity leads her to push the boundaries of her sport. Believing her extra weight gives her an advantage in ice swimming, she attempts the seemingly impossible: becoming the first American swimmer to complete a sanctioned 2.5K ice swim without a wetsuit.

To coincide with the premiere of her documentary, Ice Mermaid: Cold Resolve, KCTS 9 sat down with accomplished marathon and ice swimmer Melissa Kegler at her favorite Seattle beach to learn more about what goes into training for an ice swim, how she got into open water swimming and more.

Ice Mermaid: Cold Resolve – Similar Shows | KCTS 9

I know of this story because of the local PBS station I support. A local news station also did a story on her. She swims here locally to train. Swimming in alpine lakes is one thing, but to brave the sea waters of Puget Sound takes on an entirely different perspective. And like Diana, it took “cold resolve” and a village.

In Ice Mermaid: Cold Resolve, follow the inspiring journey of Melissa Kegler, an accomplished marathon swimmer whose technical obesity leads her to push the boundaries of her sport. Believing her extra weight gives her an advantage in ice swimming – a daring sport that takes place in near-freezing water below 5 degrees Celsius – she sets out to achieve the seemingly impossible: becoming the first American swimmer to complete a sanctioned 2.5-kilometer ice swim without a wetsuit.


The story unfolds against the backdrop of picturesque locations throughout Washington state as Kegler seeks the cold of remote alpine lakes to prepare her body for this remarkable feat. The film serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and determination, and a reminder that true champions come in all sizes.
Diana Nyad’s Incredible Swim and Ice Mermaid’s Cold Reserve
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