This month marks seven years of writing weekly blogs. That’s over 350 posts, doing the best I can.

When I read this post from the Crone Council, it talked directly to my slowing down. As an obvious Capricorn, once I put my mind to something it gets done. This goes for starting an exercise regimen of stretches and daily walking. Something I appreciated getting as a gift was my Fitbit from my son. I do share my weekly stats with him and have doubled my daily steps. I’m doing the best I can!  

Slowing down is something I must put focused energy into…I walk fast too, even on a treadmill. Not ready to slow down much either. Life these last few years made most of us pivot in how we do life. Isolating, Zooming, and walking off extra pounds. Life itself has dictated slowing down. If I don’t get it all done today, oh well – I’m doing the best I can!

Crone Council
Maggie Fenton

Today, I planted a flat of begonias, pulled and hoed weeds, raked, dug up some daffodils that needed to be divided – a couple of hours of gardening and I needed a break. Gone are the days when I could work outside or hike all day and still be raring to go. I’ve read about ‘slowing down’ but have to confess I’m not ready and am chagrined that I have to stop and take breaks.


I’ve loved watching a video of a little girl polishing her mother’s nails. The polish goes everywhere, and her mother asks her to keep it on her nail; the child, in a great southern way, looks at her mother and says “I’m doin’ the best I can, Honey!” That has become my mantra this spring. I’m allowing myself to take breaks, rest and go back again. If I don’t get it all done today, oh well – I’m doing the best I can!


A sister Crone and I keep each other faithful to our exercise program – we set the days we’ll do whatever we’ve committed to – yoga, Pilates, weights, walking, etc. – it’s different for each of us and doesn’t matter. On the designated day, we text “Did it!” to each other. I “do it” because I know she is going to, and I don’t want to let her down. So, my workout buddy is states away from me, but she keeps me honest and “doing the best I can!”

Life has taught me that when I am aligned and go with the flow, life rewards us. Our culture pushes us to strive, to achieve, to break records, to push our boundaries. That is well and good but it’s also good to give ourselves a break and do the best we can.

Doing the Best I Can
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