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Anyone who knows me knows that I hold Earth Day sacred. Many of my posts have featured environmental hero’s past, present and future, as in the young folks carrying the torch forward. It is they who have inherited the mess we have made.

This year seems different in how it has now evolved into “Earth Week.” It is also different because our new administration has restored protections and rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement. My own home state has also strengthened regulations regarding our region. Making up for lost time these past four years is a reason to celebrate.

This year also has lots of amazing programs on the television showing how people all over the planet have been making a difference in big ways and small. Coral reefs are being recreated by building coral nurseries in Australia and the Bahama’s where they are learning to survive in warming oceans. Here are a few offerings to inspire and give you hope. 

Click the link to see the artwork and all the fabulous images: penguins, puffer fish, puffins, Chomp the Shark or an array of octopus, jellyfish and turtles…..All quite wonderful. 

Angela Haseltine Pozzi, founder and artistic director of the Washed Ashore Project.

Washed Ashore is a non-profit community art project founded by artist and educator, Angela Haseltine Pozzi in 2010. The project is based in Bandon, Oregon, where Angela first recognized the amount of plastic washing up on the beaches she loved and decided to take action. Since 2010, Washed Ashore has processed tons of plastic pollution from Pacific beaches to create monumental art that is awakening the hearts and minds of viewers to the global marine debris crisis.

BANDON, Ore. — Angela Haseltine Pozzi stands shoulder to shoulder with Cosmo, a six-foot-tall tufted puffin, on a cliff overlooking the blustery Oregon coast. Cosmo endures the weather just fine, as he is composed of plastic that has washed ashore — flip-flops, bottle caps, toy wheels, cigarette lighters — all mounted to a stainless-steel frame and bolted to concrete. The puffin is a sculpture from Ms. Haseltine Pozzi’s art and education nonprofit, Washed Ashore, whose tagline is “Art to Save the Sea.”

I hope you click the link to see all the pieces this visionary has created and what they sourced to used.

What made this extra special, is that Kelly Clarkston introduced a 12 year old budding environmental artist to Ms. Pozzi last year, who was able to collaborate on this project, via Zoom, as her mentor. Angela sent boxes of “trash” to be used in the sculpture to her student who then sent back finished pieces, such as seaweeds.

GREEN BAY – Stanley the Sturgeon made his debut Thursday on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” but the first chance for the world to get a look at him in person will be at Green Bay Botanical Garden. No images available yet, but here is fearless Chomp the Shark and a link to Tacoma’s Zoo and Aquarium with Octopus and Jellyfish and the Chomps sculptures from the exhibit 4 years ago. 


Earth Day 2021 and New Beginnings
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