Today’s post is a simple acknowledgement of these two beautiful souls who live on in the hearts of millions across the planet…..and beyond. If any of my readers visits this memorial, please share your experience. What a wonderful and thoughtful sculpture! Thank you “Fisher family” for the loving way you have included the fans in paying tribute.
Simple, sweet, loving! 

Also included below is a link to a special statement from Carrie’s sister, Joely, about dealing with the after effects of grieving. Shortly after Carrie’s death, Joely wrote an op-ed about their relationship, and spoke about the last texts she received from her half-sister. “They were from the night before she got on her fateful flight and I’ve saved them, screen-shotted, backed them up onto, you know, other hard drives because I don’t ever want to lose them,” she explained.

Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds memorialized with shared tombstone

Located at Hollywood’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park, the monument itself is pretty simple: a pink marble platform bearing the actors’ names and their respective lifespans. Atop the dais, there’s a sculpture of a mother and daughter holding hands. The fact that the Fisher and Reynolds are side-by-side in death, just as they were when they were both alive, is an incredibly heartwarming sentiment.

The sculpture makes a truly stunning focal point for the memorial. Fans have already begun to visit the site in order to grieve and show their love.

Now, the two have a resting place that speaks to their love for one another. Instead of two separate tombstones, Reynolds and Fisher share a large marble memorial that features a sculpture of two figures embracing one another. 

Fisher was reportedly cremated with some of her ashes placed inside a giant Prozac pill and buried with Reynolds.

Mourners have covered the front of the memorial with flowers and candles in honor of the late screen legends. 

Joely and Carrie Fisher

Fisher – Reynolds Memorial Sculpture May 2017

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