In honor of Mom’s everywhere, I am going to post a simple poem I wrote over 20 years ago after the passing of both my mom and grandmother. I feel blessed that I had these role models to give my life the unconditional love and balance needed to be a successful mom. In the stillness of everyday I feel their presence, which inspires me to remember kindness in all things. Sis, this is for you too! Always in my heart.

Blessed Mother’s Day, honoring those we Love!

For the First Time

During the passing of my beloved Grandmother, I felt her essence wash over me; all her sweetness, gentleness, dignity and love filled my sadness with the joy of her spirit.

This happened again a few months later when my mother joined her. My Mother’s essence gave me her truth.

For the first time I realized the ancient connections we share and how the flow of love keeps that connection intact.

For the first time I realized much more of their true spirits as they somehow transcended through my being.

For the first time, but not the last, I feel their love transcend.

For Strong Women Everywhere

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