This week’s blog is one I wrote two years ago and am refreshing it as an important message to be repeated. I updated it a bit, but it holds true today. A pink wave, led by the grandmothers. Remember them!

When the Grandmothers speak, the Earth will be healed
When the Grandmothers pray, Wisdom will be revealed
When the Grandmothers sing, The Earth will be made whole

We have moved beyond the “second-wave” of personal and political feminism. The suffragettes were the first wave, which then had to struggle through the late 1940’s and 1950’s gender role stereotypes. Most women went to college for a “MRS. degree,” and their “PHT” (putting hubby through). Baby boom, the ideal of togetherness in suburbia, the appearance of normalcy and conformity did not fulfill women who had a taste of independence.

By the 1970’s we moved into the “decade of the women’s movement,” which soon spread globally, giving them awareness of sexism and patriarchy. Revolutionary changes resulted. The movement has stalled many times since then. Until now when it has found new energy in the “third wave: spiritual feminism.” The first and second waves of feminism began with women meeting together and talking about their lives, dreams, and issues – as friends do – then taking action.


The third wave is gathering now in women’s psyches. With the addition of indigenous wisdom, we are seeing its first visible signs in the number of grass-roots women’s circles that have a sacred dimension. It will be seen once there is sufficient momentum of women’s wisdom and spirituality brought into the world. True relatedness between individuals, an I-Thou, soul to soul acknowledgement, has no hierarchy. Deep ecology extends this to all life. Might a third wave of spiritual feminism bring this principle of relatedness into planetary consciousness? On Mother’s Day 2000, a million moms marched took place in Washington DC for gun safety laws. Now they march en masse for many causes, with throngs of supporters, young and old alike, from all creeds and races.

The first two waves of the women’s movement have had a profound effect on an individual woman’s potential to develop both sides of herself, and on changing relationships between men and women from male dominance to equality. Even though most cultures remain patriarchal and unbalanced, when women are contributing to “the bottom line” of success and profits, and when the environment is no longer treated as expendable, the effects will be passed on for generations. Suffering will diminish.

Are you ready for the third wave? Are you a warrior leading the way for the daughters? Are you ready to sing the song of the grandmothers?

Our time is now. We know it. The world knows it. And that’s why the light is shining upon it. There is no stopping us now!


Grandmothers Ready to Sing
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