The most frightening thing about Halloween 2018 is what is leading up to it. It seems people young and old are using this holiday to make a statement. And what good timing; a week before elections. 

Empowering people to act and use their voices to make us stronger has found ways to be heard. Just like in the “women’s marches,” boys and girls, small and big, are showing up by dressing like their hero. By knowing that we are a multitude of like-minded thinkers, we get strength in numbers, and together can be a force for change.

Halloween, however, is about fun. As a child, we made our costumes. Even for my now grown son, we together made his costumes. We never lacked for ideas. I like the fact people are again looking outside the “retail box” and making it fit what they feel. Much more satisfying being part of the creative process too. It’s also a good distraction from reality by being silly. You will see people in schools and workplaces, in their cars and on the bus; people having fun communally. Imagine that!


So my message for this week is to have fun. Be silly. Let your inner child be the joyful self it seeks. When we laugh with others, it helps us spread the light. And the smiles are endless. Halloween does this, whether you are a participant or just an observer. Enjoy the moments. Our souls need it.


Halloween 2018
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