Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and for many reasons.

A friend and retired firefighter, who now teaches young recruits in the classroom, shared something he asks each new student on their first day, “Why do you want to be a firefighter?” A common answer is they want to be a hero.

After decades of observing where heroes come from, it most often comes from the actions of everyday people who are put into a situation where quick actions are required or by the grace shown for someone suffering. Of course it takes a certain grittiness of character or a purposeful need to be fulfilled. However, we all have that little voice inside that tells us when we need to show up for someone else, to be a hero. Acts of kindness are not just simple acts, they are life altering in many instances, like standing up to a bully.

I have heroes in my life who have shown up by being present. I watched one of them during a conversation she had with my friend who had emotionally suffered for a very long time. I watched as a light went on in my friends eyes where only sadness had resided. That simple conversation changed a life that day.

This isn’t the first time I’d seen my Hero counsel and change lives. It’s her purpose and mission. Having the course of my own life shift after meeting her, brought a newfound purpose for me. Humility has shown me to “show up” wherever the need arises….and it does often. My son has also become my hero in watching his kindnesses towards others. I call him my “Buddha boy” of joy, a ripple effect of my lessons learned.

Who are your heroes? Who makes a difference and positive impact on your life? How do you pay it forward? The ripple effect is powerful and your actions are too. When you choose joy, you choose to be your own best self and that’s where we all become heroes.

Heroes Among Heroes
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