This excites me. This is why hope is the focus of my blog. I also see a huge shift in consciousness that this is addressing, our attachments to our electronic devises and the conveniences and risks they carry. It kind of came on quick, when you look back not so long ago and along came the “apps” and Facebook. So now we have to find ways to catch up. We have much to learn about being good digital citizens. Check it out for yourself. These are not just for middle school students. Once you watch the link provided, I bet you will have an enlightened moment that will help you. I did. Pass this along to friends and family. It is our job to be diligent in how we use the technology before us in communicating, while being mindful of others.

Our kid’s! Engage with them. Ask if it’s taught in their schools. Take a class together. There are on-line activities for families. Actions speaks louder than words, so find solutions. I truly hope this gives you resources on where to look, both on-line and in your communities.


Cyber Civics is our popular middle school digital citizenship and literacy program that meets an urgent and growing need to prepare students with the skills to be ethical, confident, and empowered digital citizens.
The program includes three years of weekly turn-key lessons in Digital CitizenshipInformation Literacy, and Media Literacy For Positive Participation. Cyber Civics is easy for any school, teacher or after-school program to teach. Lessons emphasizes critical thinking, ethical discussion and decision making about digital media issues… all through role-play, hands-on projects, and problem solving tasks. Based upon published academic research  New Media Literacy Education: A Developmental Approach, it can be taught entirely without technology (that’s because experts widely agree that the most important new media skills are social and behavioral skills!). Learn how to bring Cyber Civics to your school.

Visit the Cyber Civics Website to find out why schools in 25 U.S. states, and internationally, are teaching Cyber Civics. Or contact us directly for more information.


Hope and Today’s Kid’s
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