Hooray! New Girl Scout Journeys and Badges are on the way! Journeys and badges in cybersecurity, eco-camping, robotics, college prep, space science, and more!

When I started reading more about the new Girl Scouts, I was thrilled to learn how they are still relevant to today’s girls. Combined with existing programs, these new journeys and badges help girls empower themselves to unleash their inner strengths and accomplish amazing things.

Girl Scouts is proven to help girls thrive in five key ways as they:
Develop a strong sense of self.
Seek challenges and learn from setbacks.
Display positive values.
Form and maintain healthy relationships.
Identify and solve problems in the community.


The inclusive, all-female environment of a Girl Scout troop creates a safe space where girls can try new things, develop a range of skills, take on leadership roles, and just be themselves.

Everything a Girl Scout does centers around STEM, the outdoors, development of life skills, and entrepreneurship, and is designed to meet her where she is now and to grow along with her.

Whether she’s building a robotic arm, coding her first app, building a shelter in the backcountry, or packing for her first hike, a Girl Scout has an exciting array of choices to suit her interests at every age.

My own interest in nature was established at age eight, after I earned a week at Brownie Camp in the 50’s, when I was top in cookie sales (with a little help from my Grandparents who owned an apartment building and their tenants bought lots of cookies from me). It’s hard to imagine how far they’ve come since then and what could have been possible if girls had been allowed to flourish in whatever was in their souls, back then.

Large group of girl scouts of all ages








Girl Scouts provide mentorships at all levels and for all demographics. It makes me very happy to see what’s new. Not all girls want to play sports or an instrument. But all girls need a “tribe” where they can find commonality. Girl Scouts offer opportunities to let them find a passion; something they can excel at.

Support your Scouts. They are our future global citizens.


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