The History of the Color Pink: Earth’s Oldest Color – Color Meanings (

Modern-day researchers have found traces of the molecular fossils of chlorophyll from those agent times. What’s more, we’ve been able to reconstruct the color of this ancient material. And it’s won bright pink the honor of being the oldest known biologically generated color.

Pink has always been my favorite color, along with shades of green. While researching all things Barbie I came across a couple very interesting articles on when the color was first identified and how it’s been used since. Like, when and how did pink become “gender specific?” Today men and boys wear it and any color that suits them. Thank you “girl dad’s” 🙂 

The Barbie movie has taken the world by storm. So much so that LOTS of misinformation and homophobic posts have been circulating all sorts of nonsense by those who haven’t even seen it. What it is about is neutrality and inclusiveness. The big wins at the box office wouldn’t happen if it was anything but a movie about a beloved doll and her crew. Haters be gone! I love all of what the movie is about. It infuses joy without any need to politicize an opinion. Pure entertainment for the entire family.

If you see her you can be her!

If this movie has shown us anything, it is that we are sick and tired of negative media in all its forms. We are wanting feel good movies and are ready for seeing more positivity. Pink does that!

In The Pink
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