Into the Age of Aquarius

As is tradition, an empowering movie is on the menu. This year, to finish off a most dismal 2020, WW1984 was the choice, although the real “80’s” is what lead us to 2020 failures. More importantly are the lessons. All good movies come with enlightenments, just like last weeks “Soul,” the season of feeling good….if not better.

Hope: it is what drives humanity forward. So rather than focus on the losses and failures this is what the movie provided. It is our superpower and why I blog. Every one of us has a purpose and can change the world when we embrace the spark that moves through our souls. With hope comes faith, and that comes with recognizing the miracles that occur around us when nobody is watching.

What superpowers are you finding within yourself in the Age of Aquarius? We’ve been moving into it for the past 50 years. You can feel it and you can see it in the “new age” prophets who have come to teach us and enlighten us. You can see it in the “new children” arriving on our planet that come with special gifts. The last 2000 years was about the three major religions all flexing their masculine muscle. The age of Aquarius is about “enlightenment” and the feminine energy of compassion.

Just as Hollywood has embraced the world of Superhero’s, so does the planet welcome the new age of Aquarius. Time is now for the rest of us to show up and make the world we want to inhabit “habitable” once again. Future generations, I have faith, I have hope and I know love will always provide the light. It is what snuffs out the darkness, within and out. Love is our superpower. Use yours in your personal responsibilities. We are all in this together, whether you choose to participate or not, you matter.

Bless you all. Let’s do this!

Into the Age of Aquarius, Wing Woman
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