What you probably haven’t learned in school history classes! This is the story of Kasturba Mohandas Gandhi who was an Indian political activist and who was involved in the Indian independence movement in British India. She was married to Mohandas Gandhi, commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi. National Safe Motherhood Day is observed in India annually on April 11, coinciding with Kasturbai’s birthday. Today, in honor of her birthday, this is about the woman, literally behind the man. Her birthplace India has given her a place in their history, knowing the strength of the legacy she gave them. 

  • The story that has never been fully told . . . Kasturba Gandhi lived alongside one of the greatest men in history, but she has remained in his shadow—now she emerges. Gandhi himself said she taught him about nonviolence and called her “his precious jewel” of inspiration. The Indian nation, the largest democracy in existence, calls her “Mother,” but who was she, this Accidental Activist? And what is her connection to women activists today? History Missed This Story.
  • Kasturba Gandhi lived her life in the shadow of her iconic husband, but now her story is finally being told. Activist and master of nonviolent protest Mahatma Gandhi credited Kasturba with teaching him about the peaceful path to change prior to him leading the civil disobedience campaign against British occupation. Narrated by actor Naveen Andrews (Lost, The Dropout), KASTURBA GANDHI: ACCIDENTAL ACTIVIST shares her story for the first time. The documentary chronicles how she became one of the first women activists in modern history and how her legacy inspires women today.

  • History missed this part of the story!
  • In this brief Trailer, we catch a glimpse of the experts who will comment on Kasturba’s story with meaning and insight.  Initially we see Dr. Sita Kapadia, who has written the first comprehensive biography of Kasturba, The Woman Beside Gandhi, after interviewing 500 people who knew her.  Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi, considered the world’s premier scholar on Gandhi, brings his wealth of knowledge along with his own vivid memories as a grandson, an unbeatable combination.  Another grandson, Arun Gandhi, is author of The Forgotten Woman about his beloved grandmother.  His sister, Ela Gandhi, a granddaughter and herself an activist in South Africa, will speak with authority about her grandmother as an activist.  Dr. Vandana Shiva, Gandhian and one of the world’s most famous environmentalists, brings her unmatched wisdom to this story of feminine courage. We are also fortunate to have  Dr. Veena Howard, Director of the M. K. Gandhi Center, CSU-Fresno, who will share her knowledge and understanding of this fascinating woman.
  • After researching Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi for more than a decade, Cynthia has interviewed this treasure trove of experts, who know more about Kasturba Gandhi than anyone else on the planet. Cynthia has also filmed on location in India, South Africa and the U.K.

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Kasturba Gandhi, the Other Gandhi – Freedom Fighter and Reformer
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