Society tends to think of depression and anger as two completely different conditions. Yet they’re often flip sides of the same coin. Depression is often anger turned inward, and anger is often depression turned outward…..And inside many angry people is a sadness and depression that they’re afraid to experience.

With the “Women’s Movement” in full view, the causes of their discontent is surfacing and being redefined. With these conditions being discussed, women and men are able to adjust their gut reactions and move into a heart/head connection as to what triggers are being released. Most people don’t even realize the triggers of their discontent. They are stuck in a “mind loop.”


There are plenty of “new age” guru’s helping to awaken the masses. But you have to “show up” in order to change. Start by journaling your feelings. Pick up that book that was given to you about a spiritual practice. Take a walk! Meditate! Listen to your favorite Music! Find the Laughter! (Ellen is my daily go-to). Start somewhere that makes you “feel good” beyond the sadness. Stop the mind loop you’ve gotten comfortable with and move into your pure and beautiful self. You’ve got this. I’ve witnessed it firsthand when a friend instantly “woke up” to the victimizing of her own self-worth and changed the mind loop once and for all. And it literally changed her in that moment, by also quitting toxic behaviors like cigarettes and cola and anti-depressants! Just like that! She is my hero! The miracles it has unleashed are evident.


The included links are worth the time. Once you learn something new and it begins to resonate inside, you will look at everything with fresh eyes. Those fresh eyes will then resonate outward giving you the power to change the dialog with others. Be your brave, powerful self. Use words that empower. Words matter…words you silently say to yourself still matter. Those words follow you throughout your day. Make the words lift you or someone else up. Begin with a smile and a kindness and with gratitude. 

What is your self-talk and how does it make you feel?

A Ted Talk of how we came to our judgements of self and others:

A poem of where we lost our way:

Mad or Sad, Roles Women Bare

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