Mastering the Art of Falling

I loved the title when I first read it and did a deeper dive. What does it mean? Many books have been written on the subject, but this is my spin.

To begin with, it is every time a woman is turned away from whatever her heart desires. How many times have we been crushed by the words “NO” you can’t, girls “aren’t allowed.” Divorce and death knock us off our feet requiring us to get back up and carry on, falls that have knocked the breath out of us—literally and figuratively.

We fall down a lot in our lives. We are knocked down, tripped, we stumble and sometimes we are pushed. Mastering the Art of Falling would be a great talent to have. To be able to be gracious right away, to get up and say “I’m ok” and be able to mean it and move on would be a great skill to have.  But we always fall over. Grief, abandonment, self-doubt, all of these are the obstacles that constantly trip us up and make us fall.

Mastering the art of falling takes a lifetime of stumbles. It takes courage and fortitude. It takes the help of others who care about us. And it takes faith that we have what it takes.
But most of all it takes ourselves to get back up, brush ourselves off and start all over again….and again. This is how we learn to be the masters of the fall.

Mastering the Art of Falling
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