The force was in them all. Long live the Force.

For the anniversary of Carrie and Debby’s passing I read this tribute story by Todd. It was about their lives growing up, the divorce of Eddie and Debby, and everything that came after. Wow, what a life!

Todd gave insights into Carrie’s behaviors and diagnoses and was always where he was needed, both for her and his mom, a promise he made to them both. Debby was a force to reckon with and how and where she was raised reveals why. She never quit, which was Todd’s inspiration.

But after her divorce from Eddie, she really fell for the wrong men who took advantage of her sweet and trusting ways. Not just her husbands, but their “band of thieves” and associates. And many others who helped themselves to the spoils, like Debby’s “Hollywood Costume Collection,” some that showed up in unauthorized auctions and traced back to some surprises. When you grow up with privilege it brings many who want what you have and take advantage any way they can.

Some of the insights about Carrie were very revealing. She was able to heal her relationship with her father by being his caregiver at the end of his life. Todd saw how it helped her be the Mom she wanted to be for daughter Billie Lourd, who spent half her time with her Dad Bryan who proved a perfect balance to a crazy life. Carrie also bought the house next door to hers so that her mom could live close by…..across the fence, through the hedge, a short walk away. Todd also had a house at his ranch for his mom.

Todd’s own life could one day be a movie. He found his own path by having a passion. For his 16th birthday, instead of the car his mom was getting for him, he announced he wanted a motor home instead. What an adventure he turned that into…..a few years later turning it into a mobile recording studio, one that would have an amazing clientele. It also led to Todd being able to help manage his mom’s stage shows, an important role on many fronts. And he put together a much better management team to oversee all the holdings after undercovering all the mismanagement of two husbands. 

Todd as a toddler and with his wife Catherine Hickland

Lastly, Carrie has been given her “star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.” Long live Carrie!

“My Girls, A Lifetime with Carrie and Debby” By Todd Fisher
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