My visits to Oz

I am resurrecting Some of my oldest posts while life is happening around me.

At age 7 my reality shifted when I had a near death experience during a “routine tonsillectomy.” That experience alone I hold most sacred, my visit with Jesus in the “cloud garden.” It was during the month following, during my recovery, that I visited “Oz” several times.

Here’s the thing. My perceptions of life pivoted. I no longer saw things as black and white. I had been beyond the veil. It would take me another 35 years before I was introduced to a support group called IANDS. Before then I had no reference to NDE’s. It was that single visit when all the dots of my life connected. Since that visit my entire life shifted into one of authenticity. My spiny senses had been activated during my NDE and I learned I was an Empath. Valuable lassons.

Jesus in the Garden

As a child of 7 the “Wizard of Oz” was like a “rite of passage” with messages of love, fear, compassion, courage and perseverance. I loved to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with my mom and it became almost a mantra in my seven-year-old heart. Rainbows and birds, animals and trees, rivers and mountains have always held a special place in my soul.

Land of Oz

Ether was the “drug of choice” for surgeries before 1960, a poisonous gas which could cause kidney failure. This revelation came 35 years after the incident and helped explain other lifelong health challenges, coincidences and synchronicities. While at home recovering, I developed a kidney infection which caused spiked fevers. It was during those fever spikes when I would dream of “Oz.” I felt safe, I felt love, back in the techno-color garden of Oz. However, I was only a visitor and not allowed across the fence from where I viewed it.

Garden to Oz

This experience has been my strength and helped me remain positive in my pursuit of happiness, knowing the power is within me!

Look for the Rainbows in life. 



My Visit to Oz
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