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Netflix has taken over the television media offerings. And the reason they are so successful is because they are promoting women into all areas of production. This year proved they have found the “magic” ingredient by way of the latest award shows. It does my heart good. It was just a short dozen years or so ago that women over “40” couldn’t find roles. Then the “Me too” movement and the fall out of media and political “moguls” that ended careers and gave rise to eye-opening tales of abusive behaviors. Women found their voices. It does my heart good!

Did you know that 23% of Netflix films are produced by women? And now the company is spending an additional $5 million to boost this from their Creative Equity Fund of an annual $20 million. The 2021 theme being “Women in Leadership.”

Some of the initial programs Netflix will fund that support women around the world include:

Collectif 50/50 – A year-long, national mentorship program for aspiring women creatives of various ages and backgrounds in France, including a series of masterclasses from 30 industry leaders.

Into the Wild – A one-year mentorship program for young female filmmakers from film schools across Germany, including a script writing camp and a final pitch at well-known German festivals including Filmfestival Munich and the Max Ophüls-Festival.

Women in Post – A new eight-month program that builds on the Netflix and Canadian Academy Directors Program for Women, will provide mentorship and training within post-production to women creatives from across Canada.

Narrative Short Film Incubator for Women of Color – An incubator program by the National Association of Latino Independent Producers for Latinx women and women of color to produce short film projects through dedicated funding, production support and mentorship.

Netflix has also curated a special collection of stories by, for and about women available in the International Women’s Day collection.


A Legacy of Inclusion, isn’t that what we want in the world? Equal footing to fulfill your passions, simple or not. We all want a chance to succeed. Best advise I’ve ever received is to “Keep It Simple” and not overthink everything. We have three brains to lead us to our destiny. All are needed to find it; brain, heart, gut….plus seizing opportunities when they are presented. Whatever your purpose, it’s easier now than ever to live it. May the Force be with you…’ve got this!



Netflix Honors International Women’s Day, 2021
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