Just this week Netflix released the 6-part series of surviving death. I had the great pleasure of being able to participate in their production of episode one featuring our local Seattle IANDS support group. Yesterday, Saturday, we hosted a zoom webinar with the Author Leslie Kean and the Director/Producer Rikki Stern. This was our largest webinar audience ever for a Q&A about their work bringing this to life.

But it is the dozens of emails from all over the planet that surprises us the most. I’m referring to this as a “watershed” moment for the times we are in.

We have been doing the work of educating and supporting all things “near-death” related for 40 years. It is because of this decades long research that the subject is now being recognize in the “western” world of science. And it is these two brave souls who came forward to investigate the phenomenon that brings me here today to applaud their efforts.

The series is broken up into different categories, including “After Death Communication.” It does a great job of including other places on our planet that offer retreats and ways to find support. The medical and social service education has also been able to step up to assist those in these professions to understand it and “act accordingly” without personal prejudices. It has been a very long uphill climb to make this happen, including VETS support. But it happened and programs, such as these well-researched and produced offerings, are making the changes we seek. If it does one thing, it is to remove the fear of death by its reach of a larger audience.

The Disney Movie Soul had it as the theme of their newest Pixar film, surviving death. This post is outside my usual theme, but it does promote hope and strong women. They inspire me to do more, to be more, to continue shining a light on the darkness. It is a ripple that can grow, by  reaching millions, as this series has done. I hope you too find inspiration in 2021. We have been given a chance to begin anew, a fresh start. By resetting priorities, such as community, we blossom. Spring is on the wing! Let it be the sign of renewal in your lives too.

Netflix’s Surviving Death
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