Worldwide Circle of Crones

New Years Day 2024 begins my 4th quarter of this incarnation. What a ride it’s been and what a joy, mostly. A big shift has happened recently, subtle as it was, over time it became a comfortable acceptance. What I’ve discovered is I can let go of that which no longer serves me and to pass the baton. My stress level has diminished, and a new opportunity has provided a better living situation. So now I watch and pass the knowing’s on to those who ask. Being a crone comes with many rewards. In October I posted about the Crone archetypes and identified with Athena, “civilization”. I’m going to embrace her as I cruise my 4th quarter. Life will still show up, but stress has lessened.


  • “There is a Band of Women who are now coming forward as a force to be reckoned with.
  • The women who are asked to be a part of this movement have been responding to an inner calling for many years. What these women have in common is a deep urge to remind humanity of what has been lost: commitment to the Divine Mother and all Her Powers of healing, grace, compassion, trust, intuitive knowing and heart-centered awareness.
  • Each woman will have a unique role to play in this Plan, but they all share a common theme in terms of what they must deliver to the consciousness of our planet.
  • The transformative power of a woman in touch with her divine essence is something that can no longer be dismissed, denied or rejected. Women all over the world have elected to be born here in this very lifetime – to risk their hearts all over again – to bring much-needed, urgent healing to a planet in crisis.
  • For every single woman who has this sacred contract (to bring her innate healing codes of feminine power back into full consciousness on earth) there has been a significant process to endure as she confronts once again the profound resistance to the Goddess and all She stands for.
  • Oh, yes, this Woman realizes early on in her own ‘re-awakening’.
  • They don’t like me here.
  • My power threatens them.
  • When I was last here, I diminished my truth so as not to bring attention to who I really am. I learned quickly that my sacred energy is not acceptable on this planet. I realized that it made others distinctly uncomfortable: reflected too much truth back to them, made them look at themselves in the mirror, and brought up their Shadow Selves all too rapidly.
  • Oh, yes, this Woman remembers.
  • I decided, recently in my reincarnations here, that I would so diminish my own powers as to allow myself to be taken for granted, disrespected, dishonored and put down by others. I decided that it was too frightening to let others see my glory and magnificence, so I hid inside toxic, disempowering and even abusive relationships.
  • Oh, yes, this Woman remembers – I allowed my body, heart and Spirit to be violated and shamed, just so that I wouldn’t threaten the status quo. I pretended that I was ‘nobody’, so that all those ego-driven, comatose souls around me would get to feel that they were really in control, that they really knew the answers, that they really had all the solutions.
  • Oh, yes, this Woman remembers, no wonder I did not want to return here.
  • Great atrocities occurred here against the Feminine Soul. I was a primary recipient of the enormous wounds against the spirit of the Goddess. I endured too much at the hands of shut-down, terrified, cold and closed-hearted humans who were deeply threatened by the All-Seeing Light of the Universe.
  • Do not be affected by the fear that is raised in others who cannot withstand the power of your Light.
  • You will affect great healing in all who are touched by you, even sparking off new awakenings as you go.
  • You will end your lifetime on Earth, this time, being honored, revered and celebrated. This will mark a great moment of Soul resolution in all of you. There will be forgiveness, as those who previously hurt you will be drawn to make amends. This is a powerful part of their own karmic journey. Those who abandoned you during the times of persecution will seek you out once again and reconnect in great love and soul reunion.
  • You must hear this message today, for the Band of Sisters who are now gathered here are ready to surge forward.
  • There are new directives arriving daily from Great Mother.
  • There is a great joining occurring now, as the Band of Feminine Light-Carriers encircle the Earth with their Love.
  • They have returned, as promised, and they will do their duty.
  • Prepare for the silence to be broken, as thousands and thousands of Spiritual Feminine powerhouses find their voices.
  • This has always been decreed.”
  • ~Sophie Bashford~
  • Photo: Women’s Circle Mandala by Jean Fry
  • Archaeology for the Woman’s Soul

Blessings 2024 and Beyond

New Years Day 2024! Worldwide Circle of Crones
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