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In honor of Women’s month, I am featuring those who promote them. This is information to share with other women who need support or answers. Growing up I had very little instruction on how to be a woman, or how our bodies change. Getting my period for the first time was somewhat scary, but my mom handled it as a “matter of fact” moment during a beach vacation. It never felt natural, just an inconvenience. Today I see my friends handle this much differently when they make it a celebration. Knowledge is power and this is why Women United! And today women are leading research into women’s issues that have long been misunderstood. The link below shows all versions and how it evolved.

Our Bodies Ourselves Today is an initiative of the Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights at Suffolk University. Our Bodies Ourselves is a nonprofit organization that has been active in the feminist health movement since 1969. Together, we educate and advocate for health and reproductive justice for women, girls, and gender-expansive people. We strive to advance the rights of women, girls, and gender-expansive people to health and medical care, to control decisions about our bodies and sexuality, and to have access to research informed by our lived experiences. Our Bodies Ourselves Today is responsible for the health and sexuality information and resources on this website, some of which are updated from the iconic book, “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

About Us – Our Bodies Ourselves Today

This is the first edition of Our Bodies Ourselves, which was first printed in Boston in 1970 under the title “Women and Their Bodies.” This new acquisition is the capstone to an incredible community-driven collecting process. This work was moved forward by donors from around the country and world who responded to our social media posts earlier in the month by offering to send in their own copies.

In BPL Special Collections, we are fascinated by the way this pathbreaking book changed during its earliest years. From printing to printing, these changes were sometimes subtle; at other times, they were substantial.

Owing to the generosity of over 70 different donors who offered us copies, we now have specimens of nearly every one of the original 11 printings, and many later editions as well. As we continue to build on this work, we can now make these important, but rare books available to the public, while also preserving them for future researchers and readers.

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If you or someone you know is needing to know more, send them this information. We are our best advocates.

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