When I decided to do a blog as a retirement project, I researched what was needed. Of course, finding a platform and then a host was needed. So, I took a WordPress class and began the journey by jumping in with both feet. Also, good information was provided on developing your product, like having a “dozen or so” stories ready, and your “naming” of the platform. This also took research. But best of all was knowing it would “morph” into something more. I launched it in June 2016. After six months it did morph in many unexpected ways. Since I had found my “elevator speech,” that became the main theme, a blog about “hope and strong women” was born. No accidents that the world was changing in unprecedented ways and women were finding their voices and new strengths. Hope is how I can give back. People, even myself at times, need hope and the stories I write are to inspire. 

A Pacific Northwest native whose life purpose has been in the service of other’s, in Corporate and Public sectors as well as in personal life. An “Environmental Steward & Spiritual Healer” who walks gently upon Mother Earth. A published poet, some poems which will transcend into posts. Finding a second wind, or rather a 6th one, as life re-imagined yet again. Inspiration here? Oprah, from many programs, one in particular. And Star Wars, Oz reimagined. Enjoy the stories and insights of others! Life is but a grand adventure of new discoveries, wisdoms, lessons! Stay curious, stay kind, and question everything!

Owl wisdom     Rainbow aurora over Seattle Mother's Day 2016

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