When I decided to do a blog as a retirement project, I researched what was needed. Of course, finding a platform and then a host was needed. So, I took a WordPress class and began the journey by jumping in with both feet. Also, good information was provided on developing your product, like having a “dozen or so” stories ready, and your “naming” of the platform. This also took research. But best of all was knowing it would “morph” into something more. After six months it did in many unexpected ways. Since I had found my “elevator speech,” that became the main theme, a blog about “hope and strong women” was born. No accidents that the world was changing in unprecedented ways and women were finding their voices and new strengths. Hope is how I can give back. People, even myself at times, need hope and the stories I write are to inspire. 

A Pacific Northwest native whose life purpose has been in the service of other’s, in Corporate and Public sectors as well as in personal life. An “Environmental Steward & Spiritual Healer” who walks gently upon Mother Earth. A published poet, some poems which will transcend into posts. Finding a second wind, or rather a 6th one, as life re-imagined yet again. Inspiration here? Oprah, from many programs, one in particular. And Star Wars, Oz reimagined. Enjoy the stories and insights of others! Life is but a grand adventure of new discoveries, wisdoms, lessons! Stay curious, stay kind, and question everything!

Owl wisdom     Rainbow aurora over Seattle Mother's Day 2016

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