From the Age of Taurus, Aries, Pisces and into Age of Aquarius.

As our planet is moving toward a “new age” and that of “Aquarius,” I thought I’d revisit some of the past 26,000 years of its evolution and some of what each 2100 years brought with it. It’s quite fascinating, whether you believe in each phase or not. My point in all of this is where the role of women was diminished? This post takes me to ancient Egypt and their powerful queens.

Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut, for instance, was a great builder and just recently attention has been given to those ancient sites now being excavated. During her reign her people thrived. After her death, her son removed any traces of her, therefore much was erased away until her image resurfaced at sites around Egypt.

Nefertiti, too, was a powerful leader alongside her husband, Akhenaten, the father of King Tut. They changed their worship to a single monotheistic deity, the sun, Aton. New findings now suggest she was the mother of King Tut and like Hatshepsut before her, most traces of her and her husband were destroyed, until “the boy king’s tomb” was unearthed. New technology has now made it possible to recreate the skull of one that laid within Tut’s burial tomb and which is on display at the Cairo Museum. My inspiration for this post, The Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown host Josh Gates, took on this challenge with the help of a French forensic artist and scientists from Bristol England who digitally mapped the face. Astounding results and theories on all three of these Queen rulers are being uncovered.

Cleopatra was beloved by her people. Her family dynasty was born at the time of Alexander the Great’s rule and his loyal Greek General Ptolemy, whom he gave Egypt to rule. Over the next 300 years the region thrived. Cleopatra was educated and fluent in many languages, which gave her the clout and respect deserving of a living goddess. She was the last of the great pharaoh leaders at the time when “Rome came a knocking.” Her image is found throughout Egypt, although her tomb has never been discovered. She planned it that way, knowing the hearts of her enemies. Her legacy and intrigue live on.

There are theories of where she lies, also being excavated near the temple of the Goddess Isis. Cleopatra’s palace was in the harbor of Alexandria, along with the “Lighthouse” of legend, which were destroyed by an earthquake caused tsunami 400 years after her death and which was one possibility of her final resting place. Doubts are many, since she guarded her final days. However, what is buried in time may one day be revealed, as is happening all over the planet, even in the Harbor of Alexandria. Recovering traces of these queens, after their reigns, is now giving us new clues to their rich legacies.


If we go back to the time of the pyramids, for instance, an entirely new paradigm shift occurred, when we went from the age of Taurus to the age of Aries, the time of great warrior rulers. Taurus is a feminine sign, an earth sign with Venus its ruling planet and it is when societies began building cities. This changed with the Judaic age of Aries, first clue in the shift away from of the feminine. Taurus and the Bull of agricultural development to the Aries Ram of the ego and aggression! Think “Alexander the Great.” Then, later, the age of the Romans began to fade with Pisces, where the great monotheism religions emerged. This has been preparing us for the “new age” when east meets west, so to speak. Buddha in the east and Jesus in the west taught that ego must be yoked to something greater through sacrifice and non-attachment.

The age of Pisces is over. Pisces values are being wiped out, causing unprecedented change and upheaval in our lifetime. And we’re not done yet. The Piscean values of money, power and control are being replaced. They do not resonate with the values of the new great cycle, the Age of Aquarius. Those values are love, brotherhood, unity and integrity.
Pisces end cycle is where we begin seeing the Age of Aquarius emerge. It’s the coming together, again where “east meets west.” The eastern practices of mind and body, such as yoga and meditation, meet the western practices of psychoanalyst and scientific rationality.

The great teachers of the Aries era have been stymied by that same Ram ego where fear also resides. The lessons of ego and heart continue on.

As a collective consciousness, we are learning our part in the scheme of things. This is what the Age of Aquarius is teaching us. We have the tools. We have the “bigger picture” of the world’s cultures. And we have the means to ask questions and find the answers we seek.

“The masculine provides skillful means.
The feminine provides wisdom.
Both come together in the enlightened being”
-Lama Tenzin Ripoch

Queens of Egypt – Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Cleopatra
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