Way back in the 60’s our neighbor Grandma Saeger invited us over to watch the Wizard of Oz with her grandson Bobby, it was a tradition we looked forward to every year. She would serve us canned mandarin orange slices and peppermint candy wrapped in cellophane as a special treat. I have been skipping on that Yellow Brick Road for decades now and the older you get you realize life is the pot of gold and just as she and others have given me guidance/knowledge courage and love I try everyday to share a little of that with others. One of the many reasons I am blessed and lived truly in a Storybook neighborhood here in West Seattle. She was smiling bright Tuesday night as this rainbow appeared ♡

Just one of the many rainbows that were taken on this day…..spectacular rainbows appeared everywhere. How do Rainbows inspire you? What memories to they conjure up? 

This was a post on my Facebook feed this week that caught my attention. Besides this image and the words that precede it, the comments are exactly why I began my blog. Oz affects us all. Many had similar experiences with a neighbor or family member opening their homes for the neighborhood kids who did not have a color TV for them to see it. Some had a frightening memory until they watched it again years later and saw it differently.

The Evergreen State and the Emerald City, a link that explains the monikers.


Some of the comments to the post:

Absolutely beautiful and a heartwarming story….I grew up in Viewridge…my best friend lived across the street, and I remember the 1st time they got a Color TV and once we got to the Yellow Brick Road, everything came to life in color….it was awesome! … truly believe that is where my favorite color came from, Yellow…..Your story evoked much emotion for sure, heartwarming..

My family, and I, as a really young man, had the same experience… A neighbor would have our entire clan over, every Sunday night, for Wonderful World of Disney…. and Wizard of Oz, once a year.

We were that neighborhood house. My mom always shared her story of being in the movie theater and the whole audience losing their breath when Dorthy opened the door to Oz. The first time they had seen color on the screen. Can you imagine that moment!

What a heart warming story. Thank you for sharing. I may forget a lot of things as I grow older, but I hope I never forget the memories I have similar to this

This is just a small sampling, but it did inspire me as to ”the long reaching affect” Oz still has, and knowing more about the “man behind the stories” and how his legacy lives on, as a hero to women all over the world. 


Rainbows Inspired Memories of the Wizard of Oz
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