Bluebird and rainbow

It had been over 30 years since my siblings and I had all been together. My musician brother passed away a couple years ago. Our youngest sister recently died unexpectedly. On my drive home from visiting with her family a favorite musical group of our brother’s, Chicago, came on the radio and played a 3-set of tunes full of horns, his genre. Immediately a smile came to my heart. At the same time a full vibrant rainbow appeared in front of me as the music played. In that instance I felt the three of us connected in a deep loving embrace and I wept in gratitude of the gift I was receiving. I stayed in a state of bliss for the entire hour long drive home, trusting in God’s Grace. The rainbow faded very slowly as a beacon homeward bound up to my exit when it disappeared from view. God’s Grace again, giving me comfort in sadness.
So Sis, Bro…..I’ll see you over the Rainbow!

The song, “Over the Rainbow”

This song I have heard at many memorials. It is sung by someone at every singing contest on television. I have included it for my own memorial, using the original version. It always floods me with loving memories which brings me to the current moment of gratitude and hope. Of all the magical “Oz” moments over the past century, this song, I believe, is its most famous and instantly recognized legacy.

Rainbow clouds




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