To continue this month’s World Women’s Day celebrations, PBS is featuring a documentary on raising powerful girls. This excites me. This is what is helping to finally bring cultural changes around the globe.

So, how do you raise a powerful girl and what does that mean? The link provided gives simple, easy examples and ways to initiate changes in how we support our kids. We cannot protect them from everything the world will bring, but with the tools learned by promoting confidence, they will succeed, being secure in their own good judgement’s. On the same page, there is an entire section on parenting, covering an array of subjects. For instance, boredom isn’t a bad thing for kids. Instead of frustration, this means your child is present and with the tools they can instead be creative and independent little people.

Much of the worlds ills come from lack of security, from destructive forces around us. Society is anxiety ridden. Children can be very resilient and depending on what tools they are provided, they can overcome anything. The important part are being given the tools. This is how we can become “better,” how we become powerful. Without appropriate support the cycle continues.

Powerful girls grow up feeling secure in themselves. They learn to take action, making positive choices about their own lives and doing positive things for others. They think critically about the world around them. They express their feelings and acknowledge the feelings and thoughts of others in caring ways. Powerful girls feel good about themselves and grow up with a “can-do” attitude. Of course, strong girls may (like all of us) have times of insecurity and self-doubt, but these feelings aren’t paralyzing because the girls have learned to work through their problems. Powerful girls will grow up to lead full, valuable lives.

These are the kinds of girls I see emerging. They are the ones already making a difference just by their presence. Bright, curious, kind, they are our future. Support them and they will make us all better. 

Raising a Powerful Girl
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