My first blog since recovery. Inspired by current events and my love of the Star Wars saga.
May the Force be within you all.


As I left the theater on Christmas Eve, my initial feelings were of a deep satisfaction. It felt like Leia and Carrie’s legacy had been completed. Instead of feeling sadness as the story wrapped up, I felt an unexpected joy and jubilation. Regardless of die-hard fans, J.J. Abrams had the job of bringing four decades of one of the most popular long-running Sci-Fi franchises of all time to an epic conclusion, all while this very long chess match, which has been played out between the Jedi and the Sith from the very beginning, reached its climax.

Last Goodbye’s

It was immediately noticed that Rey and Finn and Poe have not been idle since the “Last Jedi,” but instead have honed their skills for what was to come. Also evident was Rey’s heightened skills as a Jedi. It was beautiful to witness how Leia was brought into the film, her presence as the general of the Resistance was still intact, mentoring Rey right up to the final scenes when Leia passed on her light saber to Rey. Throughout the film, snippets of the old stories came forth. Han Solo and his moments with his son, Ben, or Luke’s image to inspire Rey and Leia. And of course, Leia, whose final act of resistance is to remind….the force will always be with you, as she and Luke’s ghostly images manifest.

Light speed ahead….a melancholy moment of “now what?” Just like “Rogue One,” the interconnecting stories give us hope that there are more stories to tell in the galaxy far, far away. The force will continue to be with us, at least in the foreseeable future. Just like the inspiration for this saga, Oz, there will be others inspired to re-invent what my generation has come to think of as “our hope,” as our reasons to keep the story alive, the force is with us. Especially in these times of great division, we are reminded that we do have the power and our resistance to evil forces is exactly what Star Wars teaches us…..the force is in all of us, and it takes all of us to unite on common ground to defeat the oppressors. May the Force Be With You!

Rise of Skywalker, Luke and Leia
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