I began my second career in the late 80’s and with that came my most productive work years. At the time, I had no idea of the impact it would have on the rest of my life. I did know that I had found a special kind of company to work for, one who nurtured and rewarded good work and one that supported diversity. 

What Ursala Burns did was break through the glass ceilings. What Xerox did was give her the opportunity. She is the first woman CEO of African-American decent to ever become a major industry leader. In 2017, after her tenure with Xerox, she became CEO of VEON, the world’s 11th largest telecoms service provider by subscribers, in December 2018. She’s also held many other advisory roles, including leading a STEM program for the White House, 2009-2016.


On May 21, the most fearless females in Seattle will come together to talk innovation, growth, inspiration and leadership, where women from across all industries will share stories on the challenges and triumphs in business and life. The half-day conference will feature interactive panel discussions and talks by executives on diversity and inclusion, owning your leadership style, cultivating a balanced culture and challenging standards. The day will conclude with a power hour cocktail party to build authentic connections and a community of Daring Women

Daring Woman is a social impact organization that harnesses the power of media to help women find their voice and become unstoppable. We do this by creating a platform of teachings, stories, and wisdom that encourages our audience to strive for continuous betterment and transformation.  We believe that all women have a Daring Woman inside them and our mission is to create a movement that empowers women on a global scale to reach inside and free their inner Daring Woman. 

These events are taking place in many other cities across our country over the next two months. Take a peek at Seattle’s line-up of inspirational speakers from all types of companies, in all kinds of leadership roles. Reading about each of them is an inspiration in of themselves. Our region supports women to find equal footing within whichever career path they choose. Read the purpose and mission statements on their website. Below are the values they strive for. Are you a “daring woman?”

Daring Woman – Empowerment for Women

Honesty. We believe that there is no better path than the truth.
Rawness. We believe in being as open and transparent as we can.
Betterment. We aren’t the end-all be-all of knowledge. We believe in continuously working on our personal growth and development.
Fun. All work and no play makes a Daring Woman booooring! We love to let our hair down and experience life as often as we can.
Inclusivity. We welcome people from all walks of life. We are a no-hate organization and strive to bring diversity to our readers in every way possible.
Approachable. We are here to love, support, and inspire one-another. We welcome our followers with open-arms.

The Daring Rise of Women CEO’s
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