While researching last week’s post I came across this one. The iconic Explorers Club revealed its honorees for its inaugural EC 50 program, recognizing 50 explorers who are changing the world, 21 which are women. The Club nominated over 400 explorers from over 50 countries, all representing a diverse group from every continent, working in 46 different countries, including Ecuador, Mozambique, China, and more.

This year’s honorees have embarked on a wide range of amazing work from anti-poaching efforts in China; fire management research protecting Madagascar’s rich forests; researching climate change in the Arctic; investigating food strategies for astronauts while in space; initiating movements that support black women in America and supporting youth activism utilizing biodiversity and conservation.

The 117-year-old Club started in 1904, with members making extraordinary accomplishments including, becoming first to the North Pole, first to the South Pole, first to the summit of Mount Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean, and first to the moon’s surface. Notable Club members include Teddy Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong, Jane Goodall, Edmund Hillary, John Glenn, Sally Ride, and Bob Ballard.

Women were first admitted to this prestigious club in 1981 after an impassioned speech by Carl Sagan. If you read my blogs, you know that many women I have featured are being resurrected simply by having their own remarkable stories retold with new details. The girls and women of today give me much inspiration as they change the world.

During a conversation with Explorers Club President Richard Wiese about the inaugural honors, “Poet Amanda Gorman (and newly minted Explorers Club member) was really the inspiration for this because there are so many Amanda Gorman’s who are communicating science ideas in non-traditional ways. We’ve been working on a diversity and inclusion program for a while now.”

Astronaut Kathy Sullivan (honorary chairwoman) said they tend to honor someone like her or the Apollo astronauts over and over again. They wanted to honor somebody who is the young version of Kathy or the young Jane Goodall. And they got this idea, 50 people who are changing the world that the world needs to know about, and we had our members nominate their favorites.

Please click the link to read more about these iconic women on the rise.

The Iconic Explorers Club Honors 50 Members Including 21 Remarkable Women (forbes.com)

I want to feature one of these women who is a local heroine; Fawn Sharp, Voice of the Quinault. She is an inspiration to our local young and old.  Of all the 21 women featured, Fawn is the only one I am familiar with. How wonderful that the world IS watching and giving attention to their remarkable journeys. I hope they inspire you.

Fawn Sharp is President of the National Congress of American Indians and the 5th term Head of State and CEO of the Quinault Indian Nation. A human rights attorney recognized by the United Nations as a global authority on indigenous rights, President Sharp received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Washington. Prior to serving as an elected official, she served as a judge for both the Quinault Nation and Washington State and held positions within the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Iconic Explorers Club Honors 50 Members Including 21 Remarkable Women
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