This post is about the Oz legend using it as a metaphor to current politics. Normally I would stay clear, however, in this case, there was an easy spin to make it more positive. Since it came from a good friend, I do appreciate another point of view. The link to the entire article is included at the bottom of this post.

Since this is out of “the norm” for my blog posts, I would really be interested in your thoughts.
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The power is within us. We are all Dorothy!

As stated regarding the Wizard of Oz:

L. Frank Baum, the author of the book, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” was a role model for compassion and empathy enabled through his own personal experience with pain and suffering. We observe this with each of the main characters in the Wizard of Oz as an outcome of their own experience with adversity. What did the Tin Man teach us? “Express how you feel, have compassion, and others will follow “leaders need to lead with heart as well as thought and courage, along with all of the other elements of leadership” so if you want to be a leader, recognize that having heart, more importantly, sharing heart — creates a reason for others to follow you. If your passion is felt out in the open, followers will not only follow, but they will carve pathways through forests for you” creating passion about our ideas — or having heart — shows that we care about changing the world and making a difference.” We need to have heart to create heart. And we create heart by developing our disciples” (Fickenscher, 2013, Loc. 647-659).


As Dorothy in Oz found out, the Man, in our case the politicians and corporations, is a horrid joke.

It’s the “man behind the curtain” (corporations and bankers) that we need to expose. We need to send him off in his hot air balloon. The Wizard exists on the other side of the curtain, where the Wizard puffs and moans and uses his technology (a smoke screen) to scare Dorothy and her friends. He realizes he is full of fear, knowing that he is a big-headed mirage.

The Wizard is a farce. So are our politicians who are owned by the Wizard. While the “big headed” Wizard was scared of the Witch of the West (fear of death), he used her to keep his people in shackles. He also became a fear in and of himself. As such, he projects himself as a huge head emerging from magicians’ smoke. Thus he states to the shaking Dorothy and her friends: the Scarecrow (brain), the Tin Man (heart) and the cowardly Lion (courage), that he would not help them until they killed the witch of the West (death, sunset).

big-headed-wizard  margaret-hamilton-shadow-witch-1939

Yes, Dorothy’s “friends” (who are aspects of herself) appeared to be without the traits Dorothy needed to succeed in her task (not the Wizard’s). Thus, it is the Scarecrow (intelligence) who comes up with strategies. It is the Lion (courage) who becomes courageous when needed, with tail in mouth. The Tin Man, (heart), the essence of Love, to the point that he cries at a dead insect and winds up rusting! How is it? Thus, all of Dorothy’s friends reflect our courage (lion), love (heart) and intelligence (scarecrow). Yes, each one of these characters cried because they did not have courage, heart or intelligence. Yet, each one of them comes through for Dorothy through the power they thought they lacked.

We are all Dorothy, i.e., the Psyche or Soul. In us are our intelligence (Scarecrow), heartfelt emotion (Tin Man) and courage (Lion). Instead of God, use Nature in its place. Or, the World. Or even your Self. Whatever floats your boat! The idea is to awaken to who you truly are.

We each generate and pass on to our children our own courage, intelligence, and love. We can reap the abundance Earth offers us and tend to its source. Not only don’t our wizards help us; they destroy the planet, including us.

The answer is in us. We need to empower ourselves!

It is we that need to change, not our politicians. Like Dorothy, it is by her power (her instincts, Toto the dog) that the Wizard is sent off in his “hot air balloon.”


So Dorothy, what are you going to do about this? We are all Dorothy!

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The power is within us. We are all Dorothy!
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