Here is another child prodigy bringing hope to her community with her talent. Sheillah Sheldone Charles is a ten-year-old Kenyan artist and designer who, even at such a tender age, knows that her talent is her lifelong path.

Like Akiane Kramarik, who gained fame with her appearance on Oprah when she was eight, Sheillah began painting at the age of 4 and her talent did not go unnoticed. Her mother could not find a school to nurture her talents, but Sheillah is not most people and found a way to persevere. “I don’t actually know why I draw. It’s just God given; it’s something in me. I will be doing this forever.” These are the same reasons Adriane gave. 

Her favorite drawing is of a lion because most tourists come to see the lions. She also draws women because they suffer a lot. She draws them because they are the most important people in the family. A budding feminist makes me happy. Her main inspiration is her family and making their lives better. Hassan Ali Joho is a Kenyan politician and the current Governor Mombasa County who has pledged to fund her talents. 

The beauty of these young souls coming into our planet is they are altruistic. They come knowing the bigger picture of their soul’s journey. Whatever their gifts, they use them to inspire others to be their best selves. But Sheillah’s main inspiration is closer to home. “I think about my family, how it is, what I would like to change about my family. That’s why I draw.” Sheillah even teaches other children to draw and paint. “If you have a talent, don’t just say ‘it’s mine alone, I should not teach others’. You should share your talent with others out there.”

Sheillah is just one of many of the emerging talented kids in Africa. Poets, musicians, dancers all expressing their hearts desires. Many communities have established programs to nurture these young future leaders by giving ways to express their unique gifts. Giving kids a vision of the future through the arts, is how they become whole beings ready to conquer what life has in store.

Inspirations are all around her….


This is Africa’s Future, Sheillah Sheldone Charles
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