Vice President Kamala Harris

Why this matters! The 2020 Presidential election! In the last few blogs, we’ve come from a girl just wanting to learn, to a Ivy league student who just wanted to make a difference, to the daughters of destiny, to the first woman to become the Vice President of the United States, and a woman of mixed races. This is why it matters. This is why women march and show up to vote. And this is the results of why it matters. This election had the greatest turnouts in history because so much was/is at stake, thanks to the women’s vote, whether Black, Hispanic or the Navajo Nation, who recorded a 97% turnout. It also brought out people dancing in the streets. Like winning a war, while social distancing!

Rather than tell you more about her, I simply want to honor her by posting this week’s blog as a HUGE Congratulations to her. We are turning a corner of what has come to past. We will rebuild us up better than before, when women rule the world, and as the world watches! The world is dancing with us in celebration. No matter how far we fell these last 4 years, it shows the world that we can come together to correct the wrongs that befell us. It does my heart & soul good to know they are still with us and are cheering on this historic moment in time. And here in a Kansas field, being honored, in the heartland of our nation. Very fitting! 

Watching the children, listening to them too. They knew what was at stake and know this is about their futures too. And Kamala knows it and why she has penned books for them. This is how Superhero’s are born….in the eyes of those who come after. Kids give me great hope and bring tears to my eyes as I take a deep exhale.



This IS Why It Matters November 2020
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