Because of the recent devastation in the Midwest, today’s post is a simple message of hope, faith and lots of prayers. Hold those in great despair in your hearts. The trauma suffered will stay with them the rest of their lives and above everything else, be kind.

Above everything else, be kind to everyone you encounter. The holidays hold much sadness for many and your soft words and gentle smile might be the simple gift needed. May Grace and kindness be your holiday cheer. And Let us All count our blessings!

Say thank you to your local fire fighters or police officers by surprising them with homemade sweet treats.

Tape coupons to different products around the grocery store, like a coupon for diapers

Hand out rolls of quarters at the laundromat.

Write thank you notes to people that you don’t say “thank you” to often enough — like your favorite barista who always gets your order right, or the gym’s instructor for creating a workout you love.

Buy a bouquet of flowers for a friend, just because.

Pay the bill for someone sitting alone at a restaurant. Or anyone in the restaurant who inspires you in some way.

Create a diaper-change care package and leave it in a public bathroom. At some point, an unprepared mom in need of a diaper for her baby will love you for this!

Next time there’s a sale on canned goods, buy extra and donate it to your local food bank.

Offer rides to your elderly neighbors.

BLESSED Holiday Season

Tornados, Prayers and Recovery
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