I was handed this book “Why Am I Here” recently and knew it would be paid forward. The sub-title is A Handbook for the Human Experience. Many years ago I learned my purpose for this life. Part of that is in my blog of hope. Hope is everywhere you look. It’s in those thousands who came from all over our country, and beyond, to help the most vulnerable suffering in the wrath of Harvey.

My heart hurts for their losses of home and security. My heart is full of hope for what I witness; only humans helping humans. No “politics” needed. People, and celebrities, and huge corporate donations, to help rebuild lives and communities. People, one race, the human kind with compassion and action. How small our differences look in the face of disaster. Many lessons were learned since Katrina a dozen years ago. May this continue to show us all “why we are here” and use this human experience as a tool to make us better people. Kinder, gentler, with an empathy towards others pains.

Here is a story of a hometown hero whose simple acts of kindness turned his business into a shelter for hundreds, including the helpers needing rest between the hours spent rescuing others. Houston’s mayor has acknowledged his huge heart. People providing hope are our everyday hero’s.

Jim McIngvale, better know as Mattress Mack, even when his own home was flooding, knew what he could do to help others. He opened two locations to shelter folks and their pets fleeing their own flooded neighborhoods. Over 400 people, plus other hurricane helpers, have been given sanctuary. Twelve years ago, during those fleeing Katrina, he did the same. 



Continue to use your prayers, your light, your love, for the millions in peril, yet. We are all in this together….we do make a difference. Believe!

Why Am I Here
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