It’s time for women to reject inferior status, to demand equality, and to revel in their ambitions and successes. 100 years to get it right and here we are, just now making real headway. A movement has sprung up in every corner of the planet. Women are supporting each other and changing their communities. The “Grandmother’s School” in India and in Africa are giving them the right to vote by teaching them to read and to write their names. Bringing the “Pad Project” to these countries has created jobs and new opportunities for girls and women through education. Women are demanding protections and rights.


As long as women are repressed, I will be championing them, encouraging and supporting their journey. For those who follow my blog, they are reminded of who came before us, who stands with us, and what we can do in solidarity for change. You are all my heroes for understanding and sharing my passion to get all people motivated to take a stand and to protest where they can. We all are better when we act with kindness and do something for others. This is why the future is changing to female….Women are instinctively nurturers’ and our planet needs nurturing rather than exploitation by greedy money men. Walk loud and walk proud.

A few weeks ago, I posted on Women, A Century of Change, since we got the vote. I find the stories of them truly inspiring. Honor them by voting and by getting others in your circle to do the same. The “non-voters” is what the detractors count on. We’ve got this, together.

Why the Future Should Be Female, International Women’s Day 2020
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