And the Witches of Oz!
Witches certainly have had an influence on civilizations from the earliest times. My dad told me a boyhood story of having a teacher, who looked like the “wicked witch” of Kansas, who would put kids under her desk and then kick them with her “pointy shoes” for punishment, while sitting at her desk. He got tired of always being punished and one day bite her on her leg, for which he was sent home. His Dad didn’t punish him because he thought the teacher got what she deserved. Now, because of the “unkindly neighbor” who took Dorothy’s dog and because of my Dad’s story, I learned to be on alert for “mean-spirited” people. Otherwise, as mentioned in “Wizard’s,” true healers are not misunderstood. Scary for “scary” sake makes a good story.
And as with life, you reap what you sow. Kindness results in positive outcomes, whether you’re a witch, wizard or seeker of truths. 

What are your wizard, witch, shaman wisdoms?

margaret-hamilton-shadow-witch-1939  margaret-hamilton-kansas

  Margaret Hamilton was a character actress who played a lot of housemaids. Her performance as the Wicked Witch would frighten generations of children, who routinely cowered when they met her in person.    

glinda-lena-horne-1974-wiz wicked-wich-of-the-wiz              the-witches-of-wiz-2015
        Witches of “The Wiz,” 1978 & 2015

Witches of Wicked tin-man-witch
Wicked 2005; Tin Man. Recognize any famous faces?


miss-piggy-as-glinda wicked-witch-miss-piggy
glinda-disney-oz-great-and-powerful disneys-oz-witch disneys-wicked-witch
The Witches of Disney’s Oz

glinda-good-witch-1939 ellen-as-glinda

And the most famous Glinda of all, 1939….
and Ellen as Glinda, just because 🙂 

Witches of Oz
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