We’re off to see the Wizards

Oz wouldn’t be Oz without the Witches and Wizards. Growing up I liked to read stories of Celtic lore, the Greek tragedies and Shakespeare. King Arthur’s Merlin was a favorite. Religious studies revealed how many pagan rituals have been adopted into other religious practices. Pagans practiced “extra sensory perception” types of communication and were the “healers” of their times. Those with acute senses were thought of as wizards and witches, seers and shamans. Today I know of many “healers” who possess extraordinary gifts, none of who I’d refer to as a “witch or wizard” but for whom I have great admiration and respect. Oz gave me an understanding that there is always more than meets the eye!

Mystics of the east, shamans of earth tribes, monasteries and temples have had seekers seek them out for wisdom and soul healing. What is the purpose of life, where is God, is Heaven real? A favorite “seeker turned mystic,” Ram Dass, taught me most by his laughter. He laughed at the simplicity of the answers to the questions. Kindness answers all three. Of course, he found the joyous heart he had sought with an esteemed eastern Mystic. I too have had shaman experiences which confirmed the path I am on is in flow with the divine. Intuition is alive and well!

What experience have you had with “wizards or witches, seers or shamans” that offered insights? Have you had an experience with “ESP?”


Frank Morgan got the role of the Wizard after W.C. Fields demanded too much money. Fields’ Wizard would’ve been more of a con-man while Morgan played him as a frightened little humbug

frank-morgan-wizard-1939    wc-fields-wizard-audition
Image Credit: Digitized by the Margaret Herrick Library Digital Studio

wizards-ward-1939 kansas-wizard-with-dorothy-1939
The Wizard’s alter ego……and as a fortune teller in 1939 Kansas

oz-the-great-and-powerful       dryfus-mystic-man
1978-wiz-wizard  wizard-jig-is-up-1978-wiz
Oscar The Wizard, the Mystic Man of the Outer Zone and the Wiz Wizards

muppets-of-oz-wizard wizard-of-wicked
The Muppet’s Wizard and Wicked’s Wizard


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