National Geographic, 2020

National Geographic just published an entire magazine of “the march of undeniable progress” for women and a century of change. Many of these women change-makers have been featured in my blog stories. Some pages are dedicated to why the future should be female and why we could we be at a turning point.

It asks the questions, what are your greatest strength? Response: the ability to ignore it when I get “no” for an answer. And what are the biggest challenges women face today? Response: Being treated equitably, based on ability to contribute, and based on skills. Being accepted as equal. What are the greatest hurdles you’ve overcome? Response: the disease to please. It happens when we are not raised to know our own value and our own worth. Patriarchy is a huge one. What needs to change in the next 10 years? Response: There will be no healthy women on a dead planet! What advice would you give young women today? Response: Not being afraid is very important. You may feel like you failed and there’s no way to recover, but you can! Keep working! Pace yourself. Surround yourself with other fierce women.

Building us up one lego at a time. Tell me stories of strong women! Not able to participate this year other than my blogging and sending donations to key Senate race candidates. However, I am always among those whose voices and actions are loud and clear. When women rise up they raise up everyone around them. And today, more than ever, women wisdom is what is changing the planet, the communities, each corner of the planet where they roam. Hope, women and their contributions. We’ve got this!

Women, A Century of Change, Another Year of Protests
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