Women and their allies marched for the third consecutive year against tyrannical governing.  Even with much of the nation in the grips of winter, they showed up. Even with the surrounding controversy of the women’s movement, many demonstrators said they recognized that the movement was bigger than a few individual leaders, and focused their attention towards championing progressive policies and making certain their work was inclusive and represented all people. Try as they do, the detractors miss the point. And because they do, we will be the victors.


With the events being held over the “Martin Luther King” memorial weekend, many communities use the opportunity to have other workshops, such as “Activism 101,” designed to energize, illuminate, and activate our marchers for the work to come in 2019 and beyond and other “day of service” activities called Building Power.

We build power by solidarity, by connecting, by honoring all voices. Those who govern surely would have thought it would have lost momentum. However, based on the November election results and the current hostility of the imposed government shutdown, it instead has fueled the fires of discontent. Regardless of why the masses march, the reasons are many and in solidarity our power is building.

When push comes to shove, pushing the people up against “a wall,” the recourse is in peaceful solidarity protesting, over and over and over again. The young people of the world are watching their elders and contemporaries standing up to inequality. Those same young people are the ones who are showing up at the polls. They saw how “showing up” has begun to flip an ineffective governing body. They are my hope. Together with the “gray-hair brigade,” we are taking back our basic rights and letting the best of humanity rule. In youth we learn. In age we understand. In solidarity we thrive.



WOMXN’S March Year Three
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